MSGT.IO ICO Whitelist is now Live!

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MSGT.IO — Most Sustainable Gas Token — offers your ‘profit on gas’ on ETH, BSC, Bitcoin networks. The ICO whitelisting is now Live and you can join via:

Important features of MSGT:

  • Gas farming integrated. Earn multiples on cashbacks if you are not gas farming otherwise (aka do not hold other gas tokens). (Live) Yes, it is time for you to dump your other gas tokens!! There will be a minimal hold requirement (possibly 1–2 ETH worth as per current market) for this feature.
    Multichain cashbacks. ETH, BSC, Bitcoin networks. (ETH and BSC Live. Bitcoin network later)
    Multiwallet cashbacks — attach your sub wallets (Live) There will be a minimal hold requirement (possibly 1–2 ETH worth as per current market) for this feature.
    - A reward wallet that will
    never go dry even theoretically (that’s why we chose to call it MSGT — Most Sustainable Gas Token) as we are not depending on volume (Live) How this is being done will be explained in the whitepaper just before ICO.
    RFI like rewards mechanism for holders via percentage tax redistribution (Later). Your wallet will swell passively.
    Monthly cap cashbacks via staking (minimal stake requirement possibly 3–4 ETH worth as per current market) and at the same time earn daily cashback if you are not gas farming otherwise (Later)
    Safemoon Auto LP injection via percentage tax reinjection (Later) This will keep strengthening the liquidity and balance the sell pressure.
    Burn mechanism (Live) More details later.
    - All
    numbers are flexible in the contract, so we can decide how many X cashbacks we want to give, how much percentage we want to tax, etc., as per the dynamics of the market. Ready to lead, rule and sustain.
    - As you can see, MSGT will benefit you more if you are
    not holding any other gas cashback tokens.

Tentative timeline of events:

Gleam Whitelisting contest — Today, May 15, 2021, after this announcement until May 17, 2021
Marketing start — Today, May 15, 2021
Big promotion — May 16, 2021 through May 20, 2021
ICO sale 1 for the Whitelist winners — May 17, 2021 (40% allocation at 10% discount)
ICO sale 2 for others — May 17, 2021 (60% allocation at 5% discount)
There may or may not be other special allocations like community flash sale/Pools (details not final at this point. If so, then the allocation percentages might change)
Uniswap listing and platform start — May 19, 2021

Thank you for your continued support as always! Let’s make ‘Profit on Gas

— MSGT.IO team

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Earn 3x on your ETH, BSC, Bitcoin gas spends